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Do you have doubts on how to take care of your overhead door? Read these tips first

Garage door spring care

The team at Garage door repair Paterson recommends cleaning and oiling on an annual basis. The best is the three-in-one oil variety. Remember that springs tend to wear on both sides and the same applies to the coils which rub each other. Do not forget to wipe away excess oil and check the sensors for functionality.

Monthly garage door inspections

You should take the time once a month to look at the functionality garage doors. If done correctly, you will not have to repair anything, and prevention is always better than repair. For example, you can check the reversal mechanism and the balanced weight. This is an opportunity to take a close look at the structure.

Garage door opener remote program

The garage door remote is an electronic device sends a command to the door opener via magnetic signals. You may need to program the device first before it functions well. You can refer to your owner’s manual regarding the proper configuration of the door opener remote.

Stop using your garage door if it isn’t working right

When it is time to have repairs made to your garage door, do not use your door until the repairs have been made. This means you are not putting yourself in harms way. Your garage door can become dangerous when repairs are necessary.

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