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Garage Door Preparation for Extreme Temperatures

Garage Door Preparation for Extreme Temperatures
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Fluctuating temperatures is the last thing garage doors need but what can we do! As seasons change temperatures change, and although this is healthy for us, it's not very healthy for garage systems. Since most garage door parts are made of steel, the effects of weather conditions are not in their favor. Things get worse in extreme heat and freezing. Steel reacts to temperature fluctuations but also extreme weather conditions. That's not good news!

Heat will make components sticky

Garage Door Preparation for Extreme TemperaturesThey won't slide properly without good lubrication maintenance. Though, older lubricants will be mixed with the dust of the summer and their combination will result to debris. The movement of rollers will be stiff. During very warm summers but also raining seasons, moisture hits the roof. That's the worst for garage doors. High moisture increases and accelerates the possibility of erosion. Parts will wear sooner and their noise will be unbearable. In the winter, garage door springs and opener will freeze. Their capacities will diminish as cold will increase. At the end of the day, all that remains to be seen is what we can do to help our garage system survive one more year and then one year more.

The best steps to protect garage doors

The best way to solve problems is to foresee what's coming and know what's best for your own garage door. Whether it's fall anticipating winter or spring waiting for the summer, components need good lubrication. That's a priority during maintenance. Lubricants don't only help parts move better but also protect them from wear and erosion. Since your safety depends highly on the reverse mechanism but the sensors are affected by the heat, it's best to ensure they are aligned. Also, lubricate the chain of the electric operators and the springs.

The tracks collect great amounts of dirt during all seasons. Yet, dirt will make the movement of garage door rollers difficult and that's why it's clear that track cleaning is vital, too. It's always good to clean and maintain the entire system in mid seasons. It gives you the chance to take care of problems before they get worse along with the weather and will give garage doors the chance to last longer.

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