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Here below you will discover a number of garage door answers to everyday questions

Are automatic garage door openers expensive?

Nowadays with many brands in the market, automatic garage doors need not be too expensive. You can also get cheaper second-hand options. However, our experts advise that you should be careful in choosing where you will get your purchase. Make sure that you choose trustworthy suppliers.

What is the simplest way to take care of my garage door?

The simplest way to maintain a garage door is to use it properly and keep it clean. You should also follow the schedule for regular check-ups to make sure that your garage door is in its top working condition.

How sensitive are the photosensors?

The photosensors that come with door openers are usually infrared emitting and receiving devices. Hence, their sensitivity is somewhat fixed, detecting only infrared light emitted at standard levels. According to our garage door experts, these sensors would consider anything that prevents infrared light from passing through as a significant object that warrants the activation of the safety reverse feature.

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