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Common Problems with Photo Eye Sensors

Common Problems with Photo Eye Sensors
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The photo eye feature is an added safety mechanism for your garage door. It consists of two sensors. Each photo eye sensor is mounted six inches above the ground on both sides of the door. One sensor sends an invisible beam to the other, which is located opposite. The solid beam sends a message that means the coast is clear for the door to pass and close firmly. If a certain object interrupts the beam, even by a small millimeter, it will trigger to break the circuit and will eventually stop the door.

The sensors of the photo eye are pretty much sensitive and delicate. Even a small misalignment on the beam will trigger the circuit to break and prevent the door from closing. This is one of the most common causes why garage doors do not close firmly and remain hung-up or go up even if there is nothing on the way. If you notice this activity, don’t panic. It’s too early to assume a malfunction. Try checking the photo eye sensors if they are properly aligned with each other.

Detecting unaligned sensors

Common Problems with Photo Eye SensorsIf your door partially closes and then reopens, it may be a sign that the sensors are misaligned. You may also hear a clicking sound from the door as it struggles to close. Also, the light flashes frequently when there is a potential problem with the sensors. If you see these signs, then the photo eye indeed needs attention.

Points to consider

You can realign the sensors with your hand. Carefully move them until you see the LED light turn on again. You can also check if both lights are working. They may have been bumped earlier. Make sure that the lenses of the sensors are free from any dirt, cob webs or dust because these can also alter the beam. If you see these obstructions on the lens, wipe the lens with a dry cloth. This will make your door work properly.

You can also make an adjustment on the bracket supporting your sensors. Loosen the screws and bolts of one bracket then move it up and down or left and right until the LED light turns on. Then tighten the screws and bolts again.

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